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Jeff Douglas, Energy Systems Catapult, on decarbonising heat

“We are trying to build a pathway for others to build new products and develop new business models”

FEATURE Here comes summer: system management, technical challenges, traders’ view – and what is the verdict on Demand Turn-Up?

“Procuring half what National Grid expected sent a bad signal to potential market members”

INTERVIEW: Bertie Readhead, JLL, says investors are getting comfortable with merchant plays and wider risk-return balances

INTERVIEW: Dan Wells, Foresight, says the industry is in a ‘once in a century’ restructuring


Making markets work for customers

OFTO life extensions

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Nicola Waters, COO, Push Energy
‘There is not much solar left out there that is easy to do. You have to find it, and find it fast’
‘People have been modelling significantly reduced Triads for more than a year’

System Operator sets out new plans on ancillary services procurement
‘Inertia is a transitory issue and can be addressed by other markets ‘
‘Lack of reactive power is causing voltage-support problems across the network’

BEIS expects fast phase-out of coal but slow progress on flexibility
What will be the rules of the game after Brexit?

INTERVIEW: Philip Bazin, environment team leader, Triodos
‘Seed investment is not happening and the biggest factor is the planning regime in England

Secure and promote: ‘one of the more successful Ofgem efforts’ or not?
Transmission expansion: new networks onshore and offshore
Funding generation: big and far away, or small and nearby

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Mark Somerset, Intergen
‘Next year, if we take the decision to be in the capacity market, that will be the fourth time we have exercised our shareholders… There are only so many times that you can do that. Large CCGT has to happen in the next auction.’

New Power’s Expert Forum discusses a future of ‘boom and bust’. Will consumers’ dash for new technologies take control of energy away from the industry and government? What’s your view?

INTERVIEW: Ian Smyth, UK Power Networks Services
‘What is your master plan for your infrastructure and the role of energy in that?’

Brexit: Are we any clearer on the implications for the power industry?
Blockchain finds a foothold in energy

Peaking plants ready to take legal action on changes in embedded benefits
On-site power facing proposals to change the capacity market rule

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