New Power: November issue



“I think the sooner the Competition Commission gets involved the sooner we can stop the mistaken polities that have been adopted over the past five years.”

 “All round the world where you get pools you get investigations and you get recriminations and companies are found guilty and fined. That seems to me a universal characteristic of energy pools.”


Lakis Athanasiou says that coal-fired generation is likely to end in Great Britain by 2020

“UK CO2 tax on its current trajectory will push coal to lower load factors than 50%”

“By 2020, coal plant will shut or possibly remain open limited to a maximum run rate of 1500 hours, but only if sufficiently remunerated by a capacity mechanism.”

E.On and RWE are at a crossroads: E.On and RWE are under political pressure in the UK – and still more in their home market in Germany, where the changing nature of electricity generation has placed them under financial pressure. Nigel Hawkins considers their future.

This and much more in this month’s New Power.

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