INTERVIEW: STEVE RILEY, chief executive, GDF Suez Energy, UK-Europe

“There has been an investment hiatus. I think EMR has taken longer than most people would have expected at the beginning and during that period you have seen very little progress.”  

“I think it’s possible that by shortly after 2016 the margins will be tighter than they have been, …. But that in itself I don’t think is a particular problem, because capacity margins have been so high since 2007.”

ANALYSIS:  Can the UK take a lead on CCS? Exploring the global context

REPORT:  Budget measures will hit renewables investors

REPORT: Public Accounts Committee probes infrastructure spend

“there is a failure by government to assess the impact on consumers” of total spend across energy, water, telecoms, transport and other infrastructure”

FEATURE: Are we building the right kind of flexibility into energy markets?

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