New Power: MAY ISSUE

INTERVIEW: Gordon Edge, Policy Director, RenewableUK

“I don’t think it’s any surprise that we are getting nervousness from onshore and offshore wind companies that they are not going to deliver what is in their business plans.”

“What was really unwelcome about the Miliband gambit was that it immediately destroyed any semblance of there being consensus”

ANALYSIS:  State Aid: direction is clear, details are not

FEATURE: Will marine renewables reach 100MW?

FEATURE: Shale gas plays and political flashpoints

FEATURE: No guarantees on ‘learning effects’

“It is likely that the over-optimistic cost forecasts seen in the offshore wind sector had important UK policy implications and that if analysts in the early 2000s had been predicting serious escalations in future costs it would be hard to imagine the same level of government enthusiasm for UK Rounds 2 and 3.”

This and much more in this month’s New Power.

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