INTERVIEW: Bill Bullen, Utilita

The problem with the DCC is that it will stifle innovation. It is yet another set of rules that have to go through the classic industry change processes”

The big issue everyone has to manage is a sudden demand for cash.  If you go into the market unhedged, market prices could suddenly go up and you have to buy, it gives you a huge cashflow problem.”

ANALYSIS:  PPA market growth is real but fragile

FEATURE: GB’s new capacity market will never look so good again

It is not just that the capacity markets do not provide incentives for these things, but that any attempt to provide that incentive through other means is viewed as potential market manipulation

 FEATURE: Ofgem is seeking trading arrangements that are fit for the future

“Clearly, the regulator had concerns that complexity could fall into chaos”.

DATA: Offshore Wind Project Index

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