INTERVIEW: George Grant, Watt Power

“We don’t really have a market at the moment. We have inadvertently ended up with a central buyer again. The government is wondering a little bit how we got here”

“We are bringing back the capacity mechanism but there is huge uncertainty over how that is going to play out.  How is everyone going to bid, what’s the price going to clear at?”

FEATURE:  European markets in hunt for capacity

“The Commission is in a quandary… Member states are doing their own thing to meet their own needs but there is concern that the patch- work of models won’t tie together.”

FEATURE: rare metal supply: is it a risk in the power sector?

“You find all 17 rare earths in varying percentages and you need a market for all of them. Finding a deposit that has the right balance [to reflect the market for each metal] is hard and we don’t have the processing capacity to do that complicated separation”

 FEATURE: CCS wins political and grant support

“The Labour Party sees CCS as both a key decarbonisation technology and a new industry for the UK”

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