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Nicola Waters, COO, Push Energy
‘There is not much solar left out there that is easy to do. You have to find it, and find it fast’
‘People have been modelling significantly reduced Triads for more than a year’

System Operator sets out new plans on ancillary services procurement
‘Inertia is a transitory issue and can be addressed by other markets ‘
‘Lack of reactive power is causing voltage-support problems across the network’

BEIS expects fast phase-out of coal but slow progress on flexibility
What will be the rules of the game after Brexit?

INTERVIEW: Philip Bazin, environment team leader, Triodos
‘Seed investment is not happening and the biggest factor is the planning regime in England

Secure and promote: ‘one of the more successful Ofgem efforts’ or not?
Transmission expansion: new networks onshore and offshore
Funding generation: big and far away, or small and nearby

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