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New Power issue 117 November 2018 COVER

Nemo Link: a new interconnector in an age of Brexit

‘Our fallback position, if the day-ahead market coupling fails, is to run explicit day-ahead auctions’

Alex Goody, Gemserv:

‘I see a rapidly-changing energy market and an explosion in data services around the internet of things’

Charge! Electric vehicles special:

‘A cohesive UK-wide strategy driving cross-sector collaboration between government and industry will be vital’

‘How are fuel suppliers threatening the electricity industry’s “big beasts” in the shift to electric vehicles?’

Vehicle to grid: ‘We should get the short-lifecycle benefits of putting charging functionality in the car’   



Energy networks: renationalisation by the back door?

The grid edge: ‘The ‘thing as a service’ is happening everywhere, and it will happen in energy too’



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