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New Power 107 January 2018 cover

Limejump’s Erik Nygard: The Capacity Market prequalification process is paperwork crazy

Iona Capital’s Nick Ross: There is a lot you have to do for a CFD and it is quite a straightjacket on the project

IMechE’s Jenifer Baxter: Even when you look at renewables, you have to ask ‘how am I building this technology?

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New Power issue 106 Cover

Storage: the hunt for revenue lines

Ancillary services: National Grid promises new proposals this month

Gas engines: gas networks report boom in connections requests

INTERVIEW: bringing digital, energy and transport infrastructure together

INTERVIEW: what’s the future for the gas network?

INTERVIEW: new autoswitch site Labrador wants consumers to take ownership of their energy data

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New Power issue 104 October 2017 cover

  • Xoserve chief executive Sian Baldwin talks about leveraging the industry’s assets
  • Local authority pension funds prepare to step up investment
  • Lithium-ion’s transport benefits can help the power industry
  • PPA lessons for private wires
  • Half hourly meter progress and business market shares
  • Smart meter dilemmas