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Are networks changing?

Alastair Martin of Flexitricity sees a change in distribution network operators (DNOs): “the Low Carbon Networks Fund stimulated something really quite remarkable in the change of thinking of DNOs, and they are now out there with a strong appetite to…


In this issue:


Alastair Martin of Flexitricity talks strategies for the Capacity Market and STOR and reveals some “market revolutions” in the offing


Networks: speeding up connections, using the demand side, and examining new commercial arrangements with DNOs

Interconnectors: Decc’s proposed derating methodology, plus what’s going on in our neighbouring markets?

Farm power: plans to plant new projects


The rise of diesel – interview with Plutus.  Concerns over coal closure ‘misguided’. From Nexus to Link: on track for 1 October?  CfD auction results

And much more


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Eric Machiels chief executive of Infinis, on renewables, the switch to CfDs, and how to be a successful UK renewables developer

Liquidity: is Ofgem’s ‘cautious optimism’ justified? We investigate.
Smart meters: as the rollout looms we look at what’s going on behind the scenes
Capacity market: feedback from the participants
Independents: what do they expect from the year ahead

PLUS: CfD auctions, CCS plans, fracking debate, fuel poverty and much more

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ANALYSIS: outcomes of the capacity market auction

INTERVIEW: Nina Skorupska, REA, talks about the challenges in building  a renewables-based economy

INTERVIEW: Wolf Ketter, Erasmus University, on the emotionalisaton of energy

FEATURE: changes in water competition – risks and opportunities for power developers

POWER PROJECT MONITOR: projects in the planning process and under construction

And much more.


WHAT”S ON: see the Agenda section for consultations, meetings, and other key industry dates

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Consumers want low bills but support long term investment. What do they think of energy party politics?



Is political influence over competition growing?

EC grants for UK interconnectors

Energy storage progress

Renewables provide jobs in the short term. What about the long term?



CfD auction raises questions over offshore wind

Is the energy industry ready for cyber attacks?


DATA: Offshore transmission owners


INTERVIEW: Michelle Hubert, CBI

“When you look at the facts there is consensus there, but the rhetoric is something different. The rhetoric needs to start matching what politicians want to achieve”


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Winter outlook: gas in stock, but electricity margins are tighter

Are electricity investors heading for a crash?

N2EX: UK power price index is transparent and reliable

Public Accounts Committee sets out concerns over CfD “FID-enabling contracts”

FEATURE: Capacity Market portfolio examined

FEATURE: tidal power moves towards commercial deployment

PERSPECTIVE: grant funding and GIB investment should be linked to bridge the “valley of death” or new technology

INTERVIEW: Malcolm Grimston, Imperial College

“The Carbon Price Floor … has already started to dissolve before our eyes”

“it’s not as if we have just discovered that storage would be nice to have .. That’s been the holy grail for well over a century”


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Levy Control Framework: fears over 2016 allocation

Scottish referendum: big questions remain

Supply margins: are we frightened yet?

David Gray: I would have referred the industry to CMA earlier


FEATURE: Contracts for difference explored

“This budget is disappointingly small. The pot 2 budget … is not enough to support a full-scale Round 3 offshore wind project.”


DATA: Energy from waste projects, planned and in operation


INTERVIEW: Fiona Cochrane, head of regulated utilities policy, Which?

“We don’t have much confidence that you can rely on [wholesale market] prices, because of the way they are produced.

“Smart metering will help people understand the energy they use. Whether they go on to use less energy is a different question.”


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In this issue:

SURVEY: which political party has a fully worked out energy policy?  “None of them”, say energy industry stakeholders

ANALYSIS: Ofgem wants more “smart” savings from electricity networks

REPORT: New rules being finalised – an update on codes for Europe’s electricity  internal market

FEATURE: Initial submissions to the Competition and Markets Authority

FEATURE: What does EMR mean for cashflow?  CfDs and the Capacity Mechanism raise questions over growth. INTERVIEW: Mark Ripley and Cordi O’Hara, National Grid

DATA: Power Project Monitor


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INTERVIEW: George Grant, Watt Power

“We don’t really have a market at the moment. We have inadvertently ended up with a central buyer again. The government is wondering a little bit how we got here”

“We are bringing back the capacity mechanism but there is huge uncertainty over how that is going to play out.  How is everyone going to bid, what’s the price going to clear at?”

FEATURE:  European markets in hunt for capacity

“The Commission is in a quandary… Member states are doing their own thing to meet their own needs but there is concern that the patch- work of models won’t tie together.”

FEATURE: rare metal supply: is it a risk in the power sector?

“You find all 17 rare earths in varying percentages and you need a market for all of them. Finding a deposit that has the right balance [to reflect the market for each metal] is hard and we don’t have the processing capacity to do that complicated separation”

 FEATURE: CCS wins political and grant support

“The Labour Party sees CCS as both a key decarbonisation technology and a new industry for the UK”

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