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New Power issue 119 January 2019 COVER


No-deal Brexit SIs leave power industry in ‘limbo’

Questions over funding for follow-up  nuclear projects

European views on power capacity in the winter and beyond

Is the battery ecosystem evolving?

EXPERT PANEL: what’s the future for storage



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New Power 118 December 2018 coverRenewableUK’s Emma Pinchbeck

“How we define capacity and how we procure it is going to change”

Poyry’s Richard Sarsfield-Hall

“Grid scale batteries will be necessary for grid stability and voltage support but not as a major balancing system – your electric cars will do that”

Arlington Energy’s Terence Franka

“Battery economics are not as favourable as gas” 


Prof Nick Eyres on launching CREDS

“They say you can’t change peoples’ behaviour, but it’s obvious nonsense, people change their behaviour all the time.”


What do platforms mean for energy suppliers?

DCC faces its issues

Should we underwrite gas storage?

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New Power issue 117 November 2018 COVER

Nemo Link: a new interconnector in an age of Brexit

‘Our fallback position, if the day-ahead market coupling fails, is to run explicit day-ahead auctions’

Alex Goody, Gemserv:

‘I see a rapidly-changing energy market and an explosion in data services around the internet of things’

Charge! Electric vehicles special:

‘A cohesive UK-wide strategy driving cross-sector collaboration between government and industry will be vital’

‘How are fuel suppliers threatening the electricity industry’s “big beasts” in the shift to electric vehicles?’

Vehicle to grid: ‘We should get the short-lifecycle benefits of putting charging functionality in the car’   



Energy networks: renationalisation by the back door?

The grid edge: ‘The ‘thing as a service’ is happening everywhere, and it will happen in energy too’



Drifting into no-deal Brexit

The UK could slide into a ‘no deal’ Brexit because there has been little possibility to plan for alternatives, Christiane Leuthier, senior director of commodities at FIA, suggested at a round table on Brexit organised last month by trading exchange EEX.…