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New Power 129 November 2019 FC

Get set for liquidity changes: Ofgem says market making obligation likely to lapse 

Inertia: “This is not power engineering, this is signal processing and communications engineering”

Offshore wind: “This market is stable enough now to be able to go it alone. The GIB probably isn’t needed any more”

Fast flexibility: “Three changes could cumulatively bring thousands of megawatts of new fast-acting flexibility”

Howard Porter, Beama: “It would be better to invest in smart kit rather than in digging up the road” 

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Cover New Power Report 128 October 2019Will offshore wind’s successes crowd out the floating option? New Power talks to Deborah Greaves, University of Plymouth and SuperGen ORE

High cost and with little international interest: is hydrogen the ‘Hinkley Point C’ of heat?

Our 2030 customers – are they already here?

Why PV operators should look again at their ‘ride through’ arrangements

Look out for new launches: a low-cost investment fund for CHP projects; codes in digitalised form