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New Power issue 117 November 2018 COVER

Nemo Link: a new interconnector in an age of Brexit

‘Our fallback position, if the day-ahead market coupling fails, is to run explicit day-ahead auctions’

Alex Goody, Gemserv:

‘I see a rapidly-changing energy market and an explosion in data services around the internet of things’

Charge! Electric vehicles special:

‘A cohesive UK-wide strategy driving cross-sector collaboration between government and industry will be vital’

‘How are fuel suppliers threatening the electricity industry’s “big beasts” in the shift to electric vehicles?’

Vehicle to grid: ‘We should get the short-lifecycle benefits of putting charging functionality in the car’   



Energy networks: renationalisation by the back door?

The grid edge: ‘The ‘thing as a service’ is happening everywhere, and it will happen in energy too’



Drifting into no-deal Brexit

The UK could slide into a ‘no deal’ Brexit because there has been little possibility to plan for alternatives, Christiane Leuthier, senior director of commodities at FIA, suggested at a round table on Brexit organised last month by trading exchange EEX.…

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New Power issue 115 September 2018 Cover

Maxine Frerk, Grid Edge Policy

Distribution network operators could take the lead. Instead of falling back on the rules and saying they can’t do anything, why not take on government’s wish for more renewables?

Mark Hamilton, Solo Energy:

The ability to control demand is the ultimate disruption

David Martin, PowerLedger:

Unless you can remunerate a customer, why would they let you use their assets?



How Estonia deals with a shift in grid usage

The rise of PV

RIIO questions

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New Power issue 114 August 2018 coverThe most reliable option was demand-side response – and it got more reliable over time

Roger Hey, WPD

A lot of people are looking at funding models, with a view to doing domestic demand response in 18-24 months

Graham Oakes, Upside Energy

The balancing market and the wholesale market.  In my view, that’s  what batteries are for

Steve Shine, Anesco


Technical experts warn interconnectors need Brexit certainty before CM auction

Behind the price review

“The capital asset pricing model (CAPM), on which asset-based regulation is based, dates back to the 1960s, and although it is still taught in business schools it is fundamentally wrong.”

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New Power issue 113 July 2018 Cover

Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy

We have to get away from the idea that innovation is about small things

Jo Gilbert

We don’t need lots more local authority companies spending public sector money

Lord Teverson

We need to start planning for life away from the EU’s energy top table

Storage: Beyond the next half-hour

Offshore wind: Project index and next steps

New markets or new competitors? European utilities look to the future