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Interview: Vicki Spiers, AIGT and CNA

First published in New Power Report, August 2017 In most new housing, utility connections are provided not by incumbent network companies but by independents. Their numbers have been growing. Vicki Spiers is the current chair of the industry bodies for…

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Inviting innovation into the power industry: a one-stop shop?

Without a project pipeline, can our onshore wind industry compete in the global market?

Batteries, electric vehicles, and a ‘sea of storage’

How should heat networks be developed to benefit consumers?

The Capacity Market is driving distributed generation: what are the implications?

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Limejump’s Erik Nygard: The Capacity Market prequalification process is paperwork crazy

Iona Capital’s Nick Ross: There is a lot you have to do for a CFD and it is quite a straightjacket on the project

IMechE’s Jenifer Baxter: Even when you look at renewables, you have to ask ‘how am I building this technology?