In the October 2013 issue

DATA: utility-scale PV projects


“I know from my past role [at Npower] where [UK coal- fired power] is coming from and 5-6% is coming from the UK. The country may not want to recognise it … but today, without coal, the lights go out. That’s our capacity margin at the moment.”

‘ “Will companies walk away from the UK? McCullough says, “Some already are, project by project”.’


Cash-out reform: examining the market’s biggest change since NETA: Ofgem’s proposed cash-out reforms coincide with Electricity Market Reform (EMR). Adrian Palmer and Andrew Stiel of Baringa Partners consider the interactions.

“it is the cash-out arrangements that underpin price formation in the wholesale energy market

“the BSUoS is not included in the Levy Control Framework (LCF) calculation, although a material part of the support payments for low carbon generators could be flowing through this route in the future”

Get ready for solar PV’s six months of boom and bust: solar photovoltaics suppliers are gearing up to install up to 300MW of new capacity by the end of March next year, as developers rush to install new solar farms before the subsidy available from the Renewables Obligation (RO) is reduced at the end of the financial year.

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