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What is New Power?

New Power is an expert source for anyone with an interest in the UK energy industry – and a unique comprehensive database of UK power plants and projects.

Every month We look in-depth at all the issues that have to be addressed to rebuild our industry – moving from a our central high-carbon power system to one that will provide heat and power securely, affordably and with minimal carbon dioxide emissions.

Every day We update and refine entries in our database – and add extra information

Why should you read it?

Top ten reasons to subscribe:

  • Subscribers have access both to our unique online database and to expert analysis and comment in our monthly report

  • All our support comes from subscribers, so all our editorial is aimed at giving you the information and data you need – not passing on sponsor messages

  • Our continuously updated database includes data on the entire portfolio of UK power projects (currently 10MW and above), in operation and in the pipeline, conventional and renewables

  • Our database allows you to sort and manipulate extensive data on each project: not just dates, capacities, companies and locations, but also historical ownership and other usefu information

  • Our database allows you to analyse new types of power facilities such as interconnectors and storage alongside generation

  • New Power’s monthly expert Report means you are always up to date on key energy industry issues

  • Our highly experienced editorial team cut through the daily noise to cover the news that is important to you – and use their expertise to focus on the points that matter to the industry

  • Reports from conferences, parliament and industry meetings keep you fully informed of the industry agenda

  • Regular exclusive polling, opinion pieces and interviews keep you in tune with industry debates and opinion

  • Our features draw on decades of industry knowledge to cover issues in depth and from an independent point of view and you can access them at any time through our online archive

New Power Report

New Power Report is essential reading. Published monthly, it is designed for anyone with an interest – financial, technical, policy, supply or demand – in the UK energy industry.

Investors, utilities, consultants, major suppliers and contractors, developers, policymakers and any company providing specialist services to the industry will find it excellent value for money.

The best data, analysis and commentary – direct to your inbox every month.  Download a Subscription form

New Power Database

New Power Database is a powerful tool available to subscribers. It has data on nearly 2000 projects in the UK with capacity 10MW or above, and selected projects below that level (eg hydro, wave and tidal) that can be searched and sorted. Full details

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