Capacity Market auction: IT problems delay prequalification

The prequalification window for the next Capacity Market auction has been delayed by two weeks because of continuing IT problems, National Grid has announced.

Grid had originally planned to have prequalification up and running on 13 July, but problems with testing the system delayed that initially until 20 July. Now the company says it will not open the prequalification window until 27 July, although a “demonstration environment” should be available this morning.

The delay applies to units entering both the T-1 and T-4 auctions.

The prequalification window is due to be open for four weeks. National Grid said that timetable will be maintained, so it will extend the window “such that it will remain open for prequalification application submission until Friday 21st August, an extension of 1 week”.

A stakeholder meeting is being held on 27 July in London and individual meetings with National Grid can be scheduled for the afternoon of that day. Contact [email protected] for details.

The demonstration environment will be available to all registered organisations and users from 10:30 am. In order to deploy the demonstration environment, the existing EMR Portal will be taken offline.