Scottish CCS hub “a unique opportunity for the UK”

Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS) has outlined proposals for a Scottish CO2 storage hub, which could eventually store liquefied CO2 from across Europe.

The hub would serve as a central collection point for CO2 emissions from different sources across Europe, from where the liquefied gas would be transported for permanent storage in rocks deep beneath the North Sea. The hub would make use of existing pipelines and offshore infrastructure, which would reduce decommissioning costs while creating a new large-scale industry for the UK. Liquified CO2 could arrive from across Europe in ships, which would mean lower initial capital investment than building pipelines.

SCCS director Stuart Haszeldine said: “A critical point is that while re-evaluation and consideration of CCS options is underway, it is essential than no decommissioning of potentially relevant pipelines, boreholes or offshore facilities is agreed by the UK Government or the Oil & Gas Authority.”

Read the full SCCS report here: Scottish CO2 Hub – A unique opportunity for the UK

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