Ofgem queries whether DNOs are doing enough to connect more generators

Ofgem has asked generators and stakeholders whether DNOs are being proactive enough on tackling the queue for connections.

In a letter to all connection stakeholders, Ofgem asked how effective each DNO has been at engaging with customers and in developing plans to deal with constraints on their network.

In a press release, the energy regulator challenged all DNOs to follow Western Power Distribution’s lead on this issue. WPD is reconfiguring part of its grid so that some of the generators in the queue can get quicker connections. It is also offering generators the chance to jump the queue if they agree to cut their output without compensation on days of the year when there is the highest demand from other generators to use the grid.

The consultation responses will help Ofgem decide whether to apply financial penalties to DNOs who do not meet the needs of their connection customers.

Ofgem chief executive Dermot Nolan said: “We want DNOs to take creative approaches to speeding up renewable connections. They can do this firstly by making best use of their existing grids, as WPD has done. We are also calling on DNOs to enable earlier investment in new capacity where necessary using funding in their price controls. This means that they won’t be adding extra costs onto your bill.”

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