National Grid and RES launch sub-second frequency response service

National Grid and Renewable Energy Systems (RES) are working on the first battery energy storage systems to provide a dynamic frequency response service in under a second in Great Britain.

The companies have signed a four year contract that will see RES provide 20MW of frequency response from battery storage, to help National Grid balance the transmission network. The battery storage systems will be fully operational within 18 months and will be able to respond to the grid within one second of the detection of a frequency deviation.

RES and National Grid have been working together to design this innovative service since 2014 as a forerunner to National Grid’s upcoming tender for 200MW of Enhanced Frequency Response. RES has already commissioned six similar projects in North America.

Adam Sims, senior account manager at National Grid said: “This is the first time that battery storage will be used to provide such fast-acting frequency response service to the National Transmission Network in Great Britain. This innovative technology will enable us to respond to frequency issues in under a second, helping to maintain the integrity of the grid. This service and the forthcoming Enhanced Frequency Response service will support the network as we transition to a generation mix with greater levels of low cost renewable energy.”

John Prendergast, energy storage manager at RES, said: “Energy storage can play a large role in supporting the UK’s transition to a secure, low carbon, low cost energy system. We believe that this contract will play an important role in demonstrating this and will encourage policy makers and regulators to accelerate the removal of barriers to wider deployment of energy storage in the UK.”

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