ETI project to explore future for hydrogen, gas and electricity networks

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has begun a £300,000 project to understand how new ‘energy vectors’ will affect energy systems.

The ETI said energy vectors – electricity, gas and hydrogen – are capable of delivering multiple services. This project will explore how this could become a reality over the coming decades.

The 11-month project will be led by  Element Energy and include Baringa Partners, CNG Services and Liwacom .

Susie Winter, project manager for energy storage and distribution at the ETI said: “Currently the networks themselves are operated independently, but their role in the future energy system is expected to evolve and new networks are also set to emerge.

“Closer and more complex interactions between these different vectors, including partial or complete transitions from one vector to another, are a distinct opportunity.

“The results of this project will help to inform the best way to deploy new networks alongside existing networks, how best to transition from existing to new networks and what opportunity there is to make use of existing assets.”