Go Compare helps energy customers count the cost of charging visitors’ devices

Gocompare.com Energy has launched a new tool to help UK bill payers understand how little it costs to let their friends charge devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops at their property.

The Charger Tariff Calculator takes into account the average cost and wattage of charging smartphones, tablets and laptops from 0-100% battery life. After entering how many times their friend has charged their device at their home, and an option of how they’d like their friend to pay them back (food, drink, holiday, festival and clothes), the tool calculates how many full charges would be needed to pay for different items and experiences.

For example, according to the calculator, if a friend had fully charged their smartphone at your home 25 times, they would currently have used up 7.5p worth of electricity, and would need to charge it another 32,633 times before owing you a day ticket to V-Festival (£97.90), another 40,000 times before owing you a brand new pair of Hunter wellies (£120.00) and 266 times before owing you a 45g bar of milk chocolate (£0.80).

Ben Wilson from Gocompare.com Energy, made the following comments regarding the development of the Charger Tariff Calculator: “One topic that comes up time again with regards to saving energy and cutting down on the cost of our electricity bills, is the irritation people feel when visitors charge their devices ‘free of charge’ in their homes. Whilst of course it is important to be frugal and ensure lights are switched off when nobody is in the room and that the TV isn’t left on stand-by, allowing a friend to charge their smartphone every time they pop over really isn’t going to break the bank.

“Hopefully this fun tool will give people an idea of just how little their generosity is costing them, unless of course they actually decide to keep count and work their way towards a festival ticket or luxury 5* holiday!”

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