Wylfa Newydd nuclear strike price should be less than Hinkley Point C, MPs tell government

The government should only build a nuclear power plant at Wylfa Newydd if the strike price is below that agreed for the Hinkley Point C and competitive with onshore wind, the Welsh Affairs Committee said in a report published today. It also said the government must provide a clear and comprehensible explanation of the lifetime cost of the project, including decommissioning and waste disposal and contingency plans to ensure the security of the UK’s energy supply if Wylfa is not ready by 2025. 

In the report, The Future of Nuclear Power in Wales, the committee also recommended that the government should consider an alternative decommissioning plan for the Trawsfynydd plant closure, to allow more continuous decommissioning of the site and the decommissioned Trasfynydd site should be designated as a site for a small modular reactor (SMR).

On launching the report, committee chair David TC Davies commented:  “We know that proposals for new nuclear power plants cause concern amongst the general public. During this inquiry we have been impressed by the level of scrutiny of nuclear power and are reassured that the highest safety standards are followed. The key questions that need to be answered for future development of  nuclear power at Wylfa and Trawsfynydd to be viable centre on value for money and local impact.”

“There has to be a demonstrable benefit for the local community as well. Local businesses must form a key part of the supply-chain and be given sufficient information to allow this to happen. We must also make use of the many skilled nuclear workers currently based in Wales, and provide sufficient training to develop the next generation.”  

Read the full report: The Future of Nuclear Power in Wales

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