GoCompare tool lets consumers calculate household energy use by the second

A new microsite created by comparison website GoCompare gives users the chance to input the number of electrical devices being used throughout their home in order to calculate, in real time, how much money they are spending on energy by the second. 

The Real-Time Energy Calculator allows users to input the different electrical items they have on within their homes, from light bulbs and TVs to their washing machine and microwave; as well as the number of items being used, in order to estimate the amount of money they are spending, second-by-second, on their energy usage.

The calculator can be found here: http://www.gocompare.com/gas-and-electricity/real-time-energy-calculator/

Categories included on the site include ‘Cleaning’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Heating’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Lighting’ and ‘Miscellaneous’. Researchers at found the average wattage and hourly cost of each item included and then used this to design the calculator.

Ben Wilson from the energy team at GoCompare said: “Whilst it is very important for bill-payers to be aware of potential money that they could be wasting by leaving such devices as radiators or light-bulbs on all night, we also wanted the calculator to take a light-hearted approach so that users could see just how inexpensive a minute or two’s worth of electricity is for the average household. Hopefully by trying out the real-time energy calculator, users will be able to see where they can try and cut down on their energy usage in order to see a decrease in their annual costs.”

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