Triton Knoll connection wins development consent

The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm is set to enter the next Contracts for Difference auction after offshore connection works won development consent.

The works include:

  • a submarine cable route for exporting electricity generated by Triton Knoll wind farm (consented but not built), to the shore along a route of around 66 kilometres in length;
  • a landfall site with associated jointing of offshore and onshore cables to the north of the village of Anderby Creek (in Lincolnshire);
  • an onshore underground cable along a route of around 60 kilometres
  • an Intermediate Electrical Compound, east of the village of Orby;
  • a new onshore substation for TKOWF to the north west of the village of Bicker (in Lincolnshire);
  • a connection to the existing National Grid substation at Bicker Fen (also in Lincolnshire).

Triton Knoll Electrical System works are needed to transmit the electricity generated by the consented Triton Knoll offshore wind farm to the National Grid.