Mendip Green Party offers one-off payment for customers switching out of nuclear

Mendip Green Party is offering a one-off payment for customers switching from any supplier using nuclear energy to Ecotricity or Good Energy. It has promised £20 to customers who switch a single fuel and £40 for a dual-fuel switch.

The Green Party already receives an ‘affinity payment’ from the two suppliers when it brings in new customers. Ecotricity pays the party £40 for new domestic and £60 for new business customers, while Good Energy donates £50 for domestic and £120 for business sign-ups.  New customers who switch via Mendip will receive their payment once these ‘affinity payments’ are made, which is quarterly.

Mendip Green Party says 1000 switches away from EDF Energy will reduce the nuclear generator’s income by £1 million per year. But it says “we will pay you to leave any provider of nuclear energy”, which according to fuel mix data it provides would include all the other ‘big six’ companies (albeit some are just 1% nuclear) and all small companies apart from Bulb, Green Energy (which also gives the Green Party an affinity payment of £20 for new customers), Green Star Energy, LoCO2 Energy and Ovo Energy.

The party provides a tariff comparison as follows:

Current October 2016 guide only: details will vary with old or new deals)

Company      Kw/h    Standing charge/day                                                                                                                                   
EDF                     15.20p       18.0p
Good Energy    13.3p          20.70p
Ecotricity         13.34           27.4p

See the switchedfoff website

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