E.On plans fast-charging electric vehicle network across Europe

E.On has announced plans for a partnership with Danish e-Mobility service provider Clever to roll out ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) along European motorways. The partners want to install several hundred charging locations across Europe, placed every 120-180km along motorways, and have invited other partners to join the initiative.

Initially, the charging stations will offer 150kW of charging power, which may later be upgraded to 350kW. That will initially enable charging of a 400km-range battery in 20-30 minutes, and the partners say charging time will be further reduced as charging capacity is increased and vehicle technology develops.The first charger will be installed this year.

“We hope that our common ambition will lead to the first comprehensive ultra-fast charging infrastructure being established in Europe. A network of this magnitude not only requires solid funding and expertise, it would also be a game-changer for the growth of EV demand and a key blueprint for accelerating green and sustainable e-mobility,” said Frank Meyer, senior vice president, B2C & innovation, at E.On. The partners also plan to offer other related services to EV drivers.

They said, “Building new infrastructure is a large undertaking that requires large investments and access to the right locations. The two partners are therefore in dialogue with a number of e-Mobility players and other interested parties, inviting them to take part in the ambition to roll out Europe’s first ultra-fast charging network.”

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