Gwynt y Mor Ofto told: no paperwork, no ‘exceptional event’

Gwynt y Mor OFTO, the company that owns and operates the link connecting the offshore wind farm to the GB network, has failed to convince regulator Ofgem that it should get revenue payments for a period while the link was out of action.

OFTO companies can claim an ‘exceptional event’ or various other reasons why they should not lose financially when their link is out of action. At Gwynt y Mor, the OFTO argued that inspection outages in August and September 2016 should qualify as such. The regulator said the OFTO missed the 14-day deadline for making its claim. In response, the OFTO argued that the inspections were part of an earlier claim, which was settled in February this year.

The regulator told the OFTO on 4 February that the 2016 outages would be considered separately and that it had 14 days to make a claim. On 20 February, the regulator wrote to Gwynt y Mor OFTO, saying “As you have failed to notify us within 14 days of the occurrence of the Planned Outages, the Planned Outages do not qualify for a revenue adjustment.”

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