Limejump joins Anesco in push to become UK’s largest battery storage operator

Anesco and Limejump have announced plans to create the largest portfolio of battery storage in the UK. The two companies plan to bring 185MW of energy storage online by the end of 2018 to participate in the capacity market, as well as frequency response and other market participation options.
Anesco currently has 20 battery storage plants, totalling 18.9MW. Now it will work with Limejump to submit 185MW of energy storage into the capacity market in August. The storage will join Limejump’s Virtual Power Plant portfolio.
Steve Shine, Anesco executive chairman, said, “As well as aiding grid stability, energy storage can help maximise the use of renewable power being generated, while breeding a more resilient local grid. It’s an exciting time for the sector and we predict momentum will continue to grow, as more and more generators look to benefit from the technology.”
Erik Nygard, chief executive of Limejump, said: “The key to bringing more storage online will be to optimise the revenue that can be earned by generators and developers, from securing a good price for power exported onto the grid, to participation in the full range of revenue-generating schemes such as the capacity market.”
Anesco operates 101 solar PV sites, which have a combined generation capacity of 480MW.

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