Green Frog adds 40MW of gas engines to Swansea West site

Green Frog Connect has begun work on 40MW of gas-fired generation at the Swansea West site, adjacent to an existing 20MW diesel generation site which has been in use for the past five years.

The 27 generators required by the site will be installed, commissioned and maintained by Green Frog Genovate. Green Frog Connect is the principal contractor as well as the connections provider, while the gas connection will be undertaken by Green Frog Gas Utilities. The new site will be ready to operate by the end of 2017. Once operational, the site will be controlled by Green Frog Trading to meet the requirements of the Capacity Market and to operate on the open market.

Tom Drake, director of Green Frog Connect, said: “This is an exciting moment for us as we demonstrate our progression towards reducing carbon emissions and look to the future in terms of working towards flexible, zero carbon power provision. Lowering carbon emissions is a priority for us, and co-locating the two sites ensures we can provide power at times when renewable generation is low, or when demand is high.”


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