Carbon Intensity forecast combines National Grid and Met Office data: app developers invited

National Grid, in partnership with Environmental Defense Fund Europe and WWF, has developed a Carbon Intensity forecast for the GB electricity system, with weather data provided by the Met Office. The forecast predicts the likely carbon intensity of power on the system up to 48 hours ahead.

It has also launched an open API and hopes app developers will use it to help people  use power when it is cleanest and potentially most cost efficient.

The programming software combines National Grid and Met Office data to forecast the share of renewable and non-renewable energy that will be on the UK electricity grid over the next 48 hours, and the resulting carbon emissions. WWF has turned the API into a widget that can help people plan their energy use, switching things on when energy is green and off when it’s not.

“We’re providing our forecast data in a format that allows technology companies to build innovative apps and software that could make a real difference to how and when people use energy,” said National Grid’s Duncan Burt.

See Carbon Intensity API here