Invitation to tender imminent for smart meter comms fix

An invitation to tender (ITT) is due for publication this week for for Alternative Home Area Network technologies and solutions.

The Alt HAN procurement is part of the smart meter rollout. It  is needed to address 3.5% of buildings where communication restrictions mean current devices cannot be used successfully.

A recent engagement event held by the Alt HAN Co saw nearly 40 different organisations attend and discuss the Alt HAN procurement approach and technology design.

“This is an exciting time for Alt HAN Co as we approach the first major milestone of the technology procurement”, said Colin Sausman, Alt HAN Co Chair. “We are encouraged by the interest received so far and want to continue to reach out to any other technology solution designers so we secure the best possible result for GB energy customers.”

Interested vendors can submit an expression of interest to [email protected]. Vendors must complete an NDA prior to receiving an invitation to tender. Vendors will have until early December 2017 to respond to the ITT. A FAQ briefing is available on request.