Origami Energy, Greenbyte win software contracts

SmartestEnergy has chosen Origami Energy’s technology platform to manage its customers’ distributed energy assets and consumption. Smartest said the collaboration will allow it to offer real-time, flexible energy management services to help its customers unlock the rapidly increasing value of the flexibility they have in their consumption and generation of electricity.

Peter Bance, chief executive at Origami Energy, said the deal “further validates the new opportunities that our real-time energy market place solutions offer to electricity suppliers, traders and industrial and commercial companies.”

Meanwhile, Eneco has decided to use Geenbyte’s software system Breeze for wind farm monitoring, analysis and reporting into its wind farms. The service will be used by Eneco to monitor and optimize about 1GW of wind energy.

Eneco Group invests in wind and solar farms, biomass plants and green district heating, and connects partners and customers so that they can work together on smart energy solutions and innovative products and services.

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Having data and control over energy assets is better than ownership, says Origami Energy chief executive Peter Bance