System Operator wants academic and industrial partners for innovation projects with up to £1 million in funding

National Grid has invited industry and academia to develop projects that address its innovation priorities across the GB gas and electricity systems and promised funding of up to £1 million for the most important projects. An application window is open between now and 28 February.

The System Operator set out 16 innovation priorities in a new Innovation Strategy:

  • Developing Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and whole-system operability
  • Improving short-term forecasting of generation/supply and demand
  • Managing volatility in a low-inertia system
  • Leveraging analytics in a data-enabled future
  • Delivering enhanced cyber security
  • Enabling more non-synchronous connections
  • Supporting voltage and reactive power
  • Optimising constraint management
  • Redesigning system restoration
  • Creating markets for the future
  • Harnessing a digitised grid
  • Understanding long-term behavioural change in consumption and generation
  • Enabling changing gas flows
  • Enhancing visibility of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Embracing gas specification diversity 

Some are already being investigated via Network Innovation Competition projects. Now the SO wants organisations to bring forward early-stage ideas for projects that can help deliver innovation in all these areas.

The application window will be open in the period 8-28 February and successful applications will be notified on 9 March.

An Open Innovation Day on 28 March will cover five of the topics:

  • Developing DSOs & whole system operability
  • Enhancing visibility of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Unlocking flexibility
  • Embracing gas specification diversity
  • Enabling more non-synchronous connections

More information at the SO’s innovation website

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