T-1 Capacity Market auction clears at £6

The first T-1 Capacity Market auction, for delivery next winter, cleared in the 14th round of bidding at £6/kW per year.

Some 10663.717MW of de-rated capacity joined the auction at its start and the aggregate capacity that won agreements was 5,782.892MW. With 47.53GW awarded agreements in the T-4 auction the agreements for 2018/19 now total 53.31GW.

The T-1 auction winners comprised 4,692MW of existing generation, 642MW of new-build generation, 358MW of unproven demand side response (DSR), 85MW of proven DSR and 4.7MW of capacity to be refurbished.

There were 94 new-build generation units, 26 existing generation units, 68 unproven DSR units and 8 proven DSR units that exited the auction.

The Capacity Market capacity now contracted for next winter in the T-1 and T-4 auctions is split as follows:






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