Ovo launches suite of electricity flex products with battery, vehicle-to-grid and heat control options

Ovo has launched a suite of technologies that will allow it to aggregate domestic customers’ flexibility in charging electric vehicles and transferring power between vehicle, domestic storage and the grid. The company also launched a remote switch for electric storage heaters.

The technologies are controlled via the VCharge platform, which remotely connects distributed flexible electrical devices and aggregates them into a virtual power plant.

Alongside it Ovo launched a vehicle-to-grid charger that will give drivers the option to discharge and sell surplus electricity from their electric vehicle batteries back to the electricity grid, helping to supply energy at times of peak demand. It also launched a smart charger which, like the vehicle-to-grid charger, will enable electric vehicles to be charged during off-peak hours. The V-Charge will also optimise vehicle charging to take advantage of cheaper electricity when it is available, in partnership with Nissan.

Ovo is also announcing its debut in the home battery market. Its technology, with a custom built control and communications unit “will dynamically and proactively manage energy and power use”. The company said customers will be able to store, use and sell back electricity, whether or not they produce it themselves.

Ovo chief executive and founder Stephen Fitzpatrick said: “This is the first step in building the distributed energy system of the future. One that is truly customer-centric and built around households and their connected energy storage devices.”

Finally the company launched OVO Heat Dynamo, an internet connected smart switch that can be retrofitted to electric storage heaters. It allows users to control the level of heat via Ovo’s Smart Heat Customer App and add heat flexibility to the balancing services that can be sold to the grid.



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