SPEN relaxes restrictions on Scottish PV installers

It will be easier for solar PV installations up to 200kW to connect in Scotland because Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN), the distribution network operator (DNO) has agreed to relax restrictions. STA Scotland provided SPEN with  evidence on the modest network impact of rooftop solar.

SPEN had required a ‘Statement of Works’ from developers seeking to install solar projects over 11kW. This meant developers had to commission a costly and time-consuming analysis of how projects may affect transmission loads at national level, adding over £10,000 to some project costs. This will no longer be necessary. Analysis by SPEN of data provided by STA Scotland members across a range of solar installations concluded that the effect of most on the local grid was much lower than previously thought.

STA Scotland chair Chris Clark said: ”This is a breakthrough for solar in Scotland and it goes a long way towards removing one of several barriers to Scotland realising its solar potential. We’re grateful to Scottish Power Energy Networks for engaging with our members and for looking carefully at the evidence. As a result of SPEN taking a sensible approach to rooftop schemes, businesses and housing developers all over Scotland will find it easier & cheaper to go solar.”