REA: local authorities can help EV rollout

The Renewable Energy Association has today launched “Taking Charge: how local authorities can champion electric vehicles,” a guide for Local Authority (LA) officers, councillors, developers, and individuals designed to educate about the taxes and grants available to Local Authorities, and highlight ‘best practice’ in the sector.

The Renewable Energy Association has launched a new guide for local authorities to help them promote and  install EV charge points and   encourage vehicle take-up.

Actions include setting up ‘Energy Boards’ to  investigate ways of saving money by coordinating EV roll-out, switching to renewable energy providers for their properties, and investing in solar and energy-from-waste projects. 

It also suggests:

  • Purchasing EVs as part of the council’s transport fleet, or working with bus service operators to electrify their bus fleet
  • Appoint an ‘EV Champion,’ a councillor who can be a main contact point for the public and developers who can help navigate the process of charging infrastructure being developed
  • Make the ‘Milton Keynes Promise,’ to better inform residents of existing locations, and guarantee that on-street charge points will be installed next to the homes of those who operate an EV
  • Create a dedicated EV webpage where residents can request charging infrastructure

Read the full report here

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