Eelpower acquires Ludlow battery as it plans growth to 1GW

Eelpower  has acquired the recently-completed 20MW Rock Farm battery from Anesco.  Eelpower  also acquired two storage schemes that will be commissioned later this year – a 10MW scheme near Winchester and an 8MW scheme in Cumbria.  The company has plans to construct up to 80MW of electricity storage capacity over the next 6-8 months, with a further 100MW every 3-6 six months. It expects to deliver 1GW of storage by 2022 at an estimated cost of £500 million.

Eelpower is an independent provider of flexible energy services and has long-term firm frequency response  contracts with National Grid. Rock Farm  is located near Ludlow (Shropshire) and was in June. It will be monitored by Anesco’s specialist O&M service, AnescoMeter, and linked to Limejump’s Virtual Power Plant.

Eelpower is funded by Gravis Capital and private investors. In November 2017 it acquired a 10MW storage unit at Leverton in Lincolnshire and earlier this year it bought co-located storage units at two low-head river hydro schemes in Yorkshire.

Anesco currently has 29 operational sites, comprising 76 individual battery units, providing a combined capacity of 87MW.