New home battery system allows domestic customers to offer grid support

Powervault has launched a new domestic battery, Powervault 3, that works with Powervault’s GridFlex software, to enable homeowners to earn an income for supporting the grid when it is under stress.

Powervault won a commercial flexibility contract with UK Power Networks earlier this year and it will  install 40 Powervault 3 systems in homes in London to relieve constraints on the local electricity network during peak times this winter.  

The new Powervault 3 system has two battery options. One uses lithium-polymer cells, which are warranted for 10 years. The Powervault 3eco product, however, uses recycled – and cheaper – lithium-ion cells from Renault and Nissan electric vehicles. 

A new hybrid inverter enables customers to connect the batteries direct to their solar panels. Customers can therefore avoid spending £1,000 on a dedicated solar inverter, which significantly reduces the total cost of installing a solar system.

Powervault said customers who opt in to GridFlex can earn a guaranteed £20/month, as well as making savings  from storing solar power or cheap, off-peak electricity to use at peak times. 

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