Companies to use ‘shared’ street power supplies to deliver EV points in London

Seven companies have been named in a London-wide framework contract hosted by TfL, London councils and Greater London Authority to provide innovative on street electric vehicle charging.

Four companies will install stand-alone charging points with dedicated power supplies. They are Allego Charging, Swarco UK, Bluepoint London and Chargemaster.

Four will make use of ‘shared charging’, which means they will use existing energy sources, such as lamp posts, street bollards etc. They are Swarco UK (which will install both types of point),, Joju and Siemens.

The ‘Go-Ultra Low City Scheme’ framework contract provides £3.7 million to help deliver charging points across London boroughs. This project aims to  deliver 1,150 charge points by the end of 2020. 

Siemens said it has partnered with Ubitricity to deliver the charging points, which use mobile electricity metering technology. It will use street light infrastructure, and it said it takes under an hour to convert a street lamp to provide a charging point.

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