RHI backs fleet of 52 heat projects

Distributed energy systems provider Arensis will complete 52 renewable heat projects totalling 11.4MWt in the UK this year. The projects have been funded by  £13,500,000 in debt funding from Hadrian’s Wall Secured Investments. The projects have all been accredited for Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

“Our financing agreement with Hadrian’s Wall demonstrates our fiscal credibility with institutional capital providers and marks the largest project financing to date for Arensis,” said Arensis CFO Nick Tarditti.

The strategy was completed by vertically integrating a fuel supply in the UK for heating that replaces natural gas with renewable resources. Funding will be used for loan refinancing and to complete the integration of 52 Entrade units into the pellet production facilities. The company added that “financing at this scale was possible by de-risking the project with long-term fiber supply and offtake agreements, all within the UK”.

Arensis produces 100,000 tonnes of renewable heating pellets per year in Grangemouth and Andover from wood by-products. It said, “The UK has become our blueprint in how to provide 24/7 energy solutions including service and logistics”.

Arensis  deploys micro-CHP systems to  customers including electricity generation facilities, manufacturing facilities, agriculture and food processing plants, automotive manufacturers and EV charging stations, local farming communities, data centers and commercial and residential buildings.