Hydropower company wants local investors

A hydropower company is seeking investors to join development of a suite of community projects.

Eventually, the Highland Community Energy Society wants the general public to join to purchase a community stake amounting to £1.89 million in total in six hydro projects in the Highlands of Scotland. The first round aims to raise £900,000 to fund the community stakes in the first two sites.

The company said it wanted as many people as possible to join. Residents living in the Highlands of Scotland can purchase a stake for as little as £100.  The minimum stake for others is £250.

The project is supported by Local Energy Scotland and Energy4All.  Director Jim Lee said “ We have recruited some local directors who will be helping to canvass to get as many local people involved in this share offer. Looking to the future the society will create a fund for the benefit of the local community closet to each hydro site”

If you are interested in finding out more about this project visit www.hces.coop