Ofgem seeks members for group to help deliver competition in networks

Ofgem wants to recruit around a dozen senior level participants to join an industry group that will help drive competition in extending electricity transmission networks.

The group’s first job will be to provide advice and guidance on the development and delivery of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) model of competition, which Ofgem plans to use for ’new, separable and high value’ onshore electricity transmission projects.

That may include but need not be limited to:

  • Independent scrutiny of the deliverability of the SPV model for specific projects;
  • Input into structures such as the terms of SPV delivery and any incentives.
  • Expert input to the general design of an SPV tender, including  the procurement principles that the TO must take into account when developing its SPV tender documentation and running the competitive tender.

In the future the group may also look at Ofgem’s  approach to competition during RIIO2, and the regulator’s CATO proposals (if enabling legislation can be enacted). Ofgem said that the “exact scope, membership, and terms of the Group would be set following an initial meeting of interested parties hosted by Ofgem.”

Ofgem said, “we want to ensure that a broad range of interests and competences is represented on the Group. Where there is more interest than spaces available, we would ensure that the members represent a broad mix of technical, commercial, and regulatory experience. We are seeking only one member per interested organisation.

Interested stakeholders should respond to [email protected] by 5 November. The group is due to hold its first meeting on 19 November.