Vertiv links with Upside Energy to give UPS owners flexibility market access

Energy management company Vertiv is to use Upside Energy’s cloud-based flexibility platform to allow UK customers with uninterrupted power systems (UPSs), to offer unutilised capacity to the electricity grid.

Devrim Celal, chief executive of Upside Energy, said, “Customers invest in UPS solutions as a source of emergency power, in the case of a power system failure or disruption. As such, the batteries are rarely used. By using our software, the batteries will no longer simply be acting as a backup. Their capabilities will be put to far greater use, providing flexibility to the UK electricity grid.

The UPS batteries will be constantly monitored and managed through the Vertiv Energy Store, powered by Upside Energy. This platform will allow users to see how their batteries are being used and that they are functioning properly. The system will continuously monitor the battery’s performance, to ensure they are always able to fulfil their primary mission, back up power.

Emiliano Cevenini, vice president of commercial and industrial vertical market for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said : “It is vital for organisations to optimise their energy consumption and costs – while we are not energy producers, we can definitely help companies leverage UPS battery storage and cut energy costs.

“Our partnership with Upside Energy, a company with deep knowledge of the UK energy market and a modern cloud-based approach, allows our customers to manage their battery storage more efficiently and get more value from their UPS in an eco-friendly way.  We look forward to building on this partnership and connecting more of our fleet of UPS over the next few years.”

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