Client Earth to challenge Drax Repower project

Client Earth has challenged Drax’s plans to convert two coal-fired power stations to gas and install battery storage at the site, the Guardian reports.

Drax argues that building new gas-fired plants will mean it can shut down its two remaining coal-fired plants by 2023. But Client Earth says the new-build would “lock in” fossil fuel use for the life of the plants, undermining the government’s ability to meet carbon reduction commitments.

The so-called ‘Repower’ project would see new combined-cycle gas plants installed at units 5 and 6, producing up to 1,800MW at each. It is also proposed to construct up to two battery storage facilities, one per generating unit and each up to 100MW.

The project is being assessed by National Infrastructure Planning and hearings will be held on 4-6 December.

See Guardian story here

See details of National Infrastructure Planning application here

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