Pivot Power and Open Energi join Arsenal to trade on new battery

Pivot Power is to install a 2MW/2.5MWh battery at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium funded with investment from Downing LLP, and operate it for 15 years. A further 1MW/1.2MWh of storage to be added in summer 2019.

The battery can store enough electricity to run the 60,000 seater Emirates stadium for an entire match. But in practice, it will be used to avoid peak power prices and to trade flexibility. The battery will be automatically traded and optimised by Open Energi and has already secured a frequency response (FFR) contract from National Grid. Income will be shared between Arsenal, Pivot Power and Downing.

Arsenal managing director Vinai Venkatesham said: “This is a big step forwards for us in being efficient with energy usage and it builds on our work in reducing our carbon footprint as an organisation. We have been powered by green energy since 2016 thanks to Octopus Energy, and the battery storage system will support our efforts further.”

Pivot Power chief executive Matt Allen said: “Big power users can save money and support the UK’s climate change and clean air targets. Batteries are central to creating a cost-effective, low-carbon economy and we are keen to help government, local authorities and businesses seize the opportunities they offer.”

Pivot Power is also developing a nationwide network of 50MW grid-scale batteries with financial backing from Downing. It has received planning permission to install batteries on the first three of 45 planned sites connected to National Grid’s extra-high voltage transmission system: at Southampton, Carlisle and Norwich.

Since signing a contract with Octopus Energy in 2016 and switching to green energy last year, Arsenal has installed LED floodlights which use 30% less electricity than conventional ones. 

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