Two more suppliers exiting the market as Ofgem names RO defaulters

Energy suppliers who have met their Renewables Obligation (RO) will have to make quarterly payments to make up a multimillion pound shortfall, Ofgem has announced.

Some 14 companies still owed £58.6 million in RO payments at the ‘late payments’ deadline of 31 October. Of those:

  • URE Energy and Eversmart owed £209,013.78 and £367,149.82, respectively. They are required to make monthly payments to satisfy their debt by the end of March.
  • Ampoweruk (£368.14), Brilliant Energy (£77,445.67) and Planet 9 Energy (£1.18) have all now made payment in full.  
  • Ofgem has begun enforcement action against Economy Energy (owing £15,650,999.63 to the RO and £1,413,304.97 to ROS). It also launched an action against  Spark Energy (owing £13,399,568.73 to the RO and £1,030,021.01 to ROS) but that company has now gone out of business.
  • Future Energy Utilities (owing £637,073.26 to RO and £322.13 to ROS), GEN4U (owing £19,143.49 to RO and £782.31 to ROS), Extra Energy Supply (owing £14,281,485.35 to the RO and £1,367,215.64 to ROS)  and Iresa (owing £8,926,986.78 to RO and £641,076.83 to ROS) have all gone out of business. 
  • Electraphase (owing £192,907.48 to the RO, £6,764.65 to ROS) and Snowdrop Energy Supply (owing £162,627.63 to the RO and £736.29 to ROS) are exiting the market, Ofgem said. 
  • Click Energy (owing £824,550.61 to NIRO) has been referred to the Utility Regulator in Northern Ireland.