First stand-alone battery for Ørsted

Ørsted (previously Dong Energy) has brought into operation its first standalone battery storage project, at Carnegie Road in Liverpool. The 20MW consists of three battery containers, as well as the associated power conversion system, all supplied by NEC.

The renewable energy company also has a 2MW battery located behind the meter at its Burbo Bank offshore wind farm. This project supports the 90MW wind farm’s production scheduling as well as providing some grid services.

The battery has been installed as part of Ørsted’s newly formed Onshore business unit. Bridgit Hartland-Johnson, who leads the unit’s work on new energy storage projects in the UK, said: “Our electricity consumption pattern is changing and is becoming less predictable as we use more electronic devices and electrify our transport system. The way we generate electricity is also changing as we add more low carbon sources from wind and solar to the grid. These changes mean that the way we balance and operate the grid, also need to adapt to become more agile and flexible.”

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