Volkswagen launches power supply company

Volkswagen Group has launched a company – Elli Group, based in Berlin – that will offer electricity supply alongside and vehicle charging.

Thorsten Nicklaß, designated chief executive of the new company, said it would also offer green power to  customers outside the group.  He said: “The name “Elli” stands for “electric life”, because we intend to enable a lifestyle that fully integrates the electric car in people’s everyday lives.” 

Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen board member responsible for E-Mobility, said: “Volkswagen is going to force the pace of the urgently needed transport and energy transition to emission-neutral e-mobility. The new company will play its part with energy offerings from renewable sources and smart charging solutions.” 

The company will build up a portfolio of intelligent power tariffs and charging stations as well as an IT-based energy management system.

Elli is, or will be, active in a variety of business areas:

  • Green power for private households with and without an electric vehicle. Details of the first tariffs will be announced “in the near future”. 
  • Home chargers
  • A fast 22kW charger. “It will be possible to store power generated by customers’ photovoltaic systems in the car and to use it later in the household – or to feed it to the power grid in order to earn revenue. …An energy management system will then decide in accordance with instructions received from the owner which type of energy is to be used when, at what price and for what purpose.”
  • Charging at destinations such as company car parks and dealerships.
  • Support to change customers’ fleets to e-mobility.
  • Charging in public spaces using a charging card with tailor-made tariffs. 

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